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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review & First Impressions

I haven't been on here in almost forever! I had completely forgotten what my blog even looked like, but I have to say there is a valuable excuse. You see, if I were to write a blog post every single week - as much as I would like to - then the content wouldn't be up to the standard that, ideally, I would like it to be. Nevertheless, I will try so much more to write consistently every week or every other week. Anyway, today I will be reviewing my Too Faced Born This Way foundation! I was so excited to finally receive this that I paid quite a bit more for next day delivery as I am - without a doubt - the most impatient person that you will ever meet. I brought this product from Debenhams online and paid £26.10 *This was the discounted price, the original price would have been £29* With shipping and everything, this product cost me in total, £30. And would I pay it again? Absolutely! I brought this foundation as I read through a plethora of reviews that raved abou

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