Kylie Holiday Edition Minis

I was lucky to receive the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition mini set for Christmas - alongside a Candy K lip kit and the Birthday edition minis too. The set contains six mini matte liquid lipsticks in all quite darker colours than I would normally wear because of my pale skin tone. However, I was not disappointed with the quality of these products.

From left to right the shades are: Moon, Ginger, Kristen, Lovebite, Vixen and Angel. (I rearranged the packet so yours may be in a different order)

I do love all of this collection but in my opinion, the formula of the minis are different from the formula of the normal sized lip kit, I think this because the smell and the shades aren't quite the complete same. All of my items were purchased from  but I have to say that some of these colours are slightly different from the original advertised shade.


I believe that moon was one of the lip kits that was released in Autumn, alongside Trick, Spice and Pumpkin.
Moon is a brown kind of nude shade that goes really well with the Kyshadow Bronze palette, I wear this shade quite often as it is definitely one of my favorite colours from this pack.
It is similar to the shade Ginger in my opinion but Moon is still my preferred colour over Ginger.


As you can see, there isn't much of a difference between the shades Moon and Ginger, they are both more nude brown tones which coincide perfectly with Autumn. I wouldn't really have pinned these two down as festive or as shade to wear in Winter but I am still so glad that these were included in the Holiday Edition as I think they both look lovely.

I absolutely love this colour!! Kristen is a berry kind of warm colour that looks so cute mixed with the pinky shade Angel. I haven't really worn this shade much as it is obviously not natural but I am looking forward to seeing what eye makeup would fit in well with this lipstick.

Lovebite is a dark brown/red colour that would look so good in Winter or Autumn too. This shade looks really pretty with black or red matching colours on the eyes or on clothes.
Lovebite would also look really great on any skin tone which is another reason why I love it so much.


Despite this being a beautiful, deep purple colour, I really do not like this shade on my skin tone. As I have very pale skin, this particular shade is ultimately harsh against the rest of my face also, I am partial to nude and pinky tones as I don't really wear dramatic makeup on a daily basis - or at all really... 
However, if you like more dramatic makeup then I think that you will absolutely love this colour; It's just not for me.

And last but definitely not least is Angel! This shade is my favorite out of the whole collection, it is a very sweet darker pink colour which coincides with its name as it is so lovely and cute. This is 100% without a doubt one of my all time favorite lip shades (just behind Candy K).
If I could I would wear it everyday but I usually wear neutral makeup unless it's a special occasion or I feel like changing up my makeup on that particular day.

These are the swatches from all of the lip shades both taken without and then with the flash on.

Overall, I would definitely buy one of the mini packs again as it was a great value because you basically get six colours for the price of one full-size lip kit. I love Kylie Cosmetics so much and I am really excited to see what other products she brings out this year!

What liquid lipstick shades do you recommend? Xx


  1. Awesome post! I've never actually tried any Kylie Jenner products yet but they look really great. I love the look of Moon and Lovebite. Thanks so much for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily //

  2. Nice post :)

  3. Really well written. This post makes em want to go and but them all right now haha


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