Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review & First Impressions

I haven't been on here in almost forever! I had completely forgotten what my blog even looked like, but I have to say there is a valuable excuse. You see, if I were to write a blog post every single week - as much as I would like to - then the content wouldn't be up to the standard that, ideally, I would like it to be. Nevertheless, I will try so much more to write consistently every week or every other week.

Anyway, today I will be reviewing my Too Faced Born This Way foundation!
I was so excited to finally receive this that I paid quite a bit more for next day delivery as I am - without a doubt - the most impatient person that you will ever meet. I brought this product from Debenhams online and paid £26.10 *This was the discounted price, the original price would have been £29* With shipping and everything, this product cost me in total, £30.
And would I pay it again? Absolutely!

I brought this foundation as I read through a plethora of reviews that raved about this product and saw NikkieTutorials using it on multiple occasions. Before buying this I had been using the Collection Luminous Touch foundation which is a very affordable drugstore brand at £5.99 it had always been my go-to even if the palest shade wasn't as pale as my skin tone. I found that these two foundations were very similar and I couldn't even tell the difference between the two apart from the shade which was immaculate in Born This Way.

Overall, the foundation is, in my opinion, rather pricey for what it is. Despite the colour being absolutely perfect for my skin tone (I brought it in Snow, which is the lightest shade available) and it adjusted very well. Born This Way is infused with coconut water which is meant to make dry skin feel so much more smoother, and as a sufferer of dreaded dry skin, I have to say that this product was A M A Z I N G at keeping dry patches at bay. Teamed up with my MAC primer and everyday moisturizing regime, my skin looked flawless all day. Really, as if I was born that way.

*All opinions expressed in this post are my own, all products mentioned were purchased by me and this post contains no endorsements.


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